A diplomatic disgrace!

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 10:06 PM PDT

UPDATE: Wisma Putra has confirmed that a Malaysian diplomat is a suspect in a New Zealand sex assault case, saying he will stand trial if there is assurance of justice. Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said the accused was a Malaysian diplomat and that he had been recalled. Anifah also said Wisma Putra was not 'protecting' him and he had asked that police investigations in New Zealand be allowed to continue in the interest of justice. "Just because he is a diplomat does not mean he gets off scot-free. Diplomatic immunity is not about having the licence to commit crime."

Foreign Minister Anifah Aman is expected to clarify today the case of a Malaysian diplomat accused of 'sexual assault' in New Zealand last month.

If it's true, we owe the New Zealand government and people an apology. The diplomat, who served with our mission in Wellington, must be sacked and extradited to face trial there.
A diplomat has evaded sexual assault charges in New Zealand by claiming diplomatic immunity and returning home, officials said.New Zealand police said the man, who is in his 30s, followed a 21-year-old woman last month and assaulted her.
He has been charged with burglary and assault with the intent to rape, each of which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years.
A New Zealand judge has suppressed the man's name and details of the case that could identify him. Government lawyers have interpreted that order as including naming the diplomat's home country.
New Zealand's government sought a waiver of diplomatic immunity so the man could face trial in New Zealand, but was rebuffed by the man's home country, which sent him home within days of the incident on 9 May.
The prime minister, John Key, said it was his "very strong preference" that the man faced trial in New Zealand.
"Effectively the sending country stopped us from doing that by invoking diplomatic immunity," Key said. "Though I would make the point that it's our expectation he will be held to account in his home country."
Key said the diplomat's boss in New Zealand had been summoned by officials to emphasise how seriously officials viewed the situation. He added that New Zealand maintained good relations with the country in question.
New Zealand's courts sometimes suppress the details of those accused of sexual crimes in order to protect the identity of any victims. Court officials were not immediately able on Monday to provide reasons for the suppression order in this case.
This is a serious case and a disgrace to the country. As someone who comes in contact with the diplomatic circle almost everyday, I found it most embarrassing.

In Malaysia, at least two similar cases were reported during the last 20 years, involving foreign diplomats. We also failed to prosecute them under our law due to the diplomatic immunity.

What's wrong with JAKIM?

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 11:20 AM PDT

This just came in - some hotels in Kuala Lumpur were denied the 'halal certificate' for their Ramadan buffet this year.

What happened, I don't know but JAKIM must provide a good logical answer to this.

Some hotels, including the 5-star failed to get the approval on day 2 of Ramadan although they had sent in applications months before the fasting month. They did attend interview and submitted the menu to JAKIM officials.

More puzzling is the fact that JAKIM issued halal certificate to some Ramadan buffet at Chinese, Indian and Western restaurants whose chefs are not Muslims while some hotels with experienced Muslim chefs and staff were sidelined.

What's your criteria in approving the cert, JAKIM?

Those hotels had spent big bucks to prepare good and excellent menus for Muslim customers during Ramadan but were made to wait till the last minute before getting the news that JAKIM had turned them down.

Worse was the warnings issued by JAKIM that it will start 'ambushing' hotels and eating outlets that failed to get the halal cert.

Explain, JAKIM! They are not selling chocolates!

I was told that JAKIM does not have sufficient staff to check the menu and visit the hotels. Some applications were 'chucked off' upon reaching the desk of certain officers. Why? (Tak masyuukk ka?)

Don't apologise, Zahid!

Posted: 29 Jun 2014 11:43 PM PDT

There is no need for Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to apologise for his statement the other day that the skinned cow head incident at R.S.N Rayer house was due to the DAP lawmaker's 'big mouth'.

Anybody - not only from Umno - will say 'padan muka' to Rayer for his 'Umno celaka' remark recently. He started it all with such a provocative behavior.

Zahid was not supporting those who dumped the cow head in front of Rayer's house. In fact, he was against it. What he meant was, it happened because of Rayer's own overboard statement which angered many people, especially the Malays.
Right wing Malay group Perkasa has weighed in on the cow-head issue and expressed support for Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's remark that DAP lawmaker R.S.N Rayer's "big mouth" was to be blamed for the incident.
In backing the Home Minister's remark, which has been heavily criticised, Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said the incident was a reminder that other races should not hurt the feelings of the Malays.
"It is not that we want to suck up to Zahid but his remark about the incident is spot on.
"It is not just Rayer alone. Anyone that raises the anger of the people should remember that a big mouth brings trouble," he said today.
Syed Hassan was commenting on Zahid's remark last Saturday that the cow head was dumped in front of Rayer's house because the DAP lawmaker had a big mouth.
Zahid had said it was the price which Rayer had to pay.
DAP aside, I found the 'displeasure' by MCA, Gerakan and MIC against Zahid came as complementing the opposition who criticised him and calling for his sacking. Abim, the so-called moderate Islam youth movement also fall into DAP's trap.
The police was investigating the case but from a logic point of view, many believe Rayer was lying by saying he saw a man on a motorbike tossing the cow head at his gate.

It didn't make sense. Why? Had the cow head was thrown or tossed, it would had left a trace of blood slime due to the momentum. However, none was found; and this suggests it was put there nicely. It could be the job of DAP people themselves as a wicked way to blame Umno and the Muslims.

Zahid's statement was more of a reminder to others - regardless of political ideology - that the authority cannot control such a backlash if people like Rayer purposely incites racial and religious sentiments in the country.

Rayer and as well as a few lawmakers, have failed to help the government maintain peace and stability in the country by subscribing to such dirty politics. Can the police anticipate what would happen next if Rayer makes another stupid remark about Umno?

The opposition always blame the police for failing to safeguard the house of politicians (esp from Pakatan Rakyat) but they themselves should use their brain to weigh what actually invited such reprisals?

Politicians like Rayer has actually failed the rakyat. If his statement sparks a riot in Penang, where would he be?


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