MH370 and its naive perception

Posted: 14 May 2014 08:11 PM PDT

I am not sure what prompted the opposition and some 'naive' people to come up with their own calculation that the government had spent almost RM200 million for the search and rescue (SAR) operation of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

They even went further by making wild assumption that it would cost the government almost RM1 billion before the missing jetliner is found.

Yes, they are good at it. Also, in contemplating that in the end, Malaysia will be all alone in the search when all 25 nations retreat on the 'fruitless effort'.

Defense Minister and acting transport minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein - the man of the show - not only has to bear with disgruntled families of the victims (especially from China) but also the unpleasant picture painted by some nasty quarters about the crisis.

Malaysia has many friends in the SAR and they had pledged to continue searching for the plane at their own cost and expenses. Never once had any of them asked for our money to finance their respective team, and we are very much indebted to them.

Hisham handles the crisis well, and I personally believe Anwar Ibrahim or Lim Kit Siang could not take the pressure.

However, the opposition didn't like it, and so were some parties who claimed of possessing the right brain for the job. However, what had they recommended to Hisham and team? Nothing, except battering statements about the SAR affairs.

I was told that the government had spent nothing for the daunting mission.

Why? Apart from the 'go dutch' by member nations of the SAR, so many parties had and were coming forward to provide necessary assistance for the operation with the understanding that the government should not be left alone in dealing with the cost.

Nobody will abandon Malaysia in the mission. In fact, we have Australia and other countries that give top priority for the SAR.
CANBERRA: Australia has committed up to AUD89.9mil (RM272.3mil) towards the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 over two years, budget papers released on Tuesday revealed.
Australia has been leading the hunt for the plane, which was carrying 239 people when it disappeared on March 8 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
It is believed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean but despite a massive air and sea search, including underwater using a US navy submersible, no sign of any wreckage has yet been found.
"The government will provide up to AUD89.9mil over two years from 2013-14 as part of Australia's commitment to the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370," the papers stated.
Some AUD27.9mil (RM84.6mil) would be given to the defence department to pay for its activities up to June 30, 2014 in looking for the Boeing aircraft, while another AUD2mil (RM6.07mil) would be spent on the Joint Agency Coordination Centre established to liaise with key stakeholders.
"Further funding of up to AUD60mil (RM182mil) over two years from 2013-14 will be provided to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau for Australia's contribution to the next phase of the search," the papers said.
Australia has been coordinating the search for the plane - thought to have gone down in its search and rescue zone - in consultation with China, from where two-thirds of the passengers came, and Malaysia.
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has vowed Australia will do all it can to find the jet, which mysteriously diverted from its course, saying he owed it to the families of those onboard to discover what happened.
Australia is the real 'darling' in the SAR operation for promising that they will not stop until the plane is found.

They understood our predicament, unlike some of our own Malaysians who belittled the effort and accused the government of hiding the truth about the incident.

Hisham remains 'cool' despite sharp criticism by the opposition against the SAR method and the 'endless' operation, claiming they could have solved the problem in a split second!

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