Ali Hamsa should quit!

Posted: 02 May 2014 10:15 PM PDT

Perhaps Chief Secretary to the Government Dr Ali Hamsa should consider stepping down or opt for an early retirement for portraying his 'lack of common sense' by threatening action against civil servants who took part in the anti-Goods and Services Tax (GST) rally on May 1.

As the civil service boss, his cochlea failed to provide him with the right balancing act in uttering such words to those serving the government.

For his record and reference, read this:

In the 13th general election, Ku Nan won Putrajaya parliamentary seat by polling 9,804 votes compared to Husam Musa's 4,366. Who were the 4,366 people who voted for Pakatan Rakyat? Umno people? No lah! Almost all of them were government servants and their family members.

So, you better sack them together with those who participated in the anti-GST rally!
KUALA LUMPUR: Civil servants involved in the anti-Goods and Services Tax (GST) rally will face stern action, including termination of service, said Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Dr Ali Hamsa.
He said civil servants were supposed to support government aspirations and policies.
"If we have solid evidence of their involvement, stern action will be taken against them as stated in the public service circular and disciplinary regulations, starting with warning of termination of service," he told reporters after presenting Mara Excellent Service awards to 864 recipients here yesterday.
Also present was Mara director-general Datuk Ibrahim Ahmad.
Dr Ali was responding to Cuepacs president Azih Muda's remarks that government staff involved in the rally were traitors and did not deserve to be called civil servants.
Dr Ali said so far, no report had been received regarding civil servants' involvement in the rally.
Earlier in his speech, the Chief Secretary reminded civil servants to support and implement the National Transformation Policy to enable Malaysia to achieve fully-developed and high-income nation status by 2020.
"The transformation will enable Malaysia to improve its competitiveness and generate positive economic growth.
"This will make it possible for the Government to consider other incentives and benefits for civil servants, in particular," he said.
Dr Ali said the level of a country's development was not determined solely by its economic strength but also by the level of transparency and integrity of its public sector. — Bernama
To me, those (government servants) who voted for the opposition are your real enemy because those who took part in the May Day rally only demonstrated their dissatisfaction at the GST, and some of them could be from Umno.

How sure are you that your subordinates in your office did not vote for Pakatan Rakyat during the last general election. Are you able to distinguish the PAS, PKR and DAP members, supporters and sympathisers among the civil servants?

Come on lar! There are 'Hang Jebat' in every corner of each and every ministry and departments who joined the civil service just to 'makan gaji' or earn a living.

If you expect each and every of them to support whatever policy introduced by the government, you must be out of your mind. Even government politicians attack each other during debates at the Dewan Rakyat - some in support and some didn't - but Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak did not dismiss them or ask them to quit.

However, if you really want to terminate those who took part in the May Day demo, may as well you also sack those who support or voted the opposition!

Please be a sensible person. A boss is not always right but for the boss to issue such a threatening statement over things beyond his control and comprehension, its too overbearing.

Do you know that sometimes the people hate the government for 'silly and stupid senior officers!'


Posted: 02 May 2014 07:33 AM PDT

This is William Pesek, the so-called Bloomberg (or rather Gloomberg) columnist who claims credential in many analysis and prophecies - few of which were good, some average while most were simply rubbish.

I wonder how such a creditable 'Gloomberg' could hire such a columnist who fails to distinguish simple fact about an incident; not able to identify its character and produce a good comparative opinion in his jottings.

He can't even tell between the fool and wise, logic and lies. He only writes to impress others, some of whom are as fatuousness as he is.

He slams Putrajaya by comparing how the Malaysian government handles the MH370 saga with with South Korea's response to the recent Sewol ferry tragedy.

In a scathing attack, Pesek said he would give top marks to South Korea for their handling of the ferry tragedy but found Malaysia sorely lacking in handling the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
The incidents can be described as tests for the two governments, if not of Malaysian and South Korean societies.
"The grades so far? I'd give Korea an A-, Malaysia a D," he said in his Bloomberg column titled "One missing jet, one sunken ferry, two responses".
Pesek said in the two weeks since the ferry sank, killing about 300 people on board, the South Korean government had reacted with self-questioning, shame and official penitence.
"President Park Geun Hye issued a dramatic and heartfelt apology. Her No. 2, Prime Minister Chung Hong Won, resigned outright. Prosecutors hauled in the ship's entire crew and raided the offices of its owners and shipping regulators. Citizens and the media are demanding speedy convictions and long-term reforms," he said.
On the flip side, there was no such reaction on the part of Malaysian authorities 56 days after MH370 vanished, said Pesek.
"No officials have quit. Prime Minister (Datuk Seri) Najib Razak seems more defiant than contrite. The docile local news media has focused more on international criticism of Malaysia's leaders rather than on any missteps by those leaders themselves...."
"Now as then, Korea's open and accountable system is forcing its leaders to look beyond an immediate crisis. Ordinary Koreans are calling for a national catharsis that will reshape their society and its attitude toward safety. Park's government has no choice but to respond.
"Malaysia's government, on the other hand, appears to be lost in its own propaganda.
"To the outside world, acting Transport Minister (Datuk Seri) Hishammuddin Hussein performed dismally as a government spokesman: He was combative, defensive and so opaque that even China complained.
"Yet Hishammuddin is now seen as prime-minister material for standing up to pesky foreign journalists and their rude questions. The government seems intent on ensuring that nothing changes as a result of this tragedy.
"As hard as it seems now, South Korea will move past this tragedy, rejuvenated. Malaysia? I'm not so sure."
Of course, he was not sure. Not sure if he got the fact right about both countries or even about what caused the two incidents.

He was too blind to recognise how different MH370 and the ferry incident is, taking into account the nature of both incidents - with the plane still missing while the ferry was in sight and accessible to the search and rescue (SAR) team.

And how did he rate former US president George Bush and Tony Blair (ex-British premier) over their blunder in attacking Iraq in 2003 and occupying it for a decade, only for the world to know that there weren't any weapons of mass destruction (WMD) found in the oil-rich state, a license used to terrorise its government its people?

What about Barack Obama who has yet to keep up to his promise to close down Guantanamo or when his administration came 'to a halt' recently?

And who cares about his rating anyway!

Why Bay of Bengal?

Posted: 02 May 2014 12:49 AM PDT

Who said Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is somewhere in the Bay of Bengal when the search and rescue (SAR) team is confident that it is buried deep on the floor of the southern Indian Ocean?

Whose theory was it?

Despite the increase in assets, authorities are reluctant to divert precious resources away from the present Indian Ocean search to investigate the possibility that the Boeing 777 had gone down in the Bay of Bengal.

And I concur with Defense Minister and acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and Australian search chief Angus Houston that the wreckage of the plane missing since March 8 is in the southern Indian Ocean rather than the northerly area as claimed by an Australian marine exploration firm earlier this week.
"In the event that the results from the search is negative, who's going to be responsible for the loss of time?" Hishammuddin replied to a question at a joint press conference here with Houston and Jean-Paul Troadec, special adviser to France's aviation accident investigation bureau.
Yes, who will answer that question? Australia, Malaysia or any other intelligence agencies?

Hisham insisted today that the authorities had not done anything wrong in confining their search to the southern part of the Indian Ocean, even as the next phase of the search begins, and that Malaysia is on the right track in locating the plane.
"We are getting more friends and experts on board the operation to locate the aircraft. I am quite sure we will find MH370," Hishammuddin told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur. Also present were former Australian Defence Force chief retired Air Marshal Angus Houston and Jean-Paul Troadec.

Houston was brought out of retirement to head the Australian Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is responsible for the search for MH370 in the Indian Ocean.

Troadec is the president of the French Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau and the previous head of the Air France 447 investigation team.

Hishammuddin was asked whether Malaysia had been wrong in narrowing down the search to the southern part of the Indian Ocean.

He was also asked whether Malaysia would consider rechecking the analysis relating to MH370's final flight path.

"The area which flight MH370 is believed to have ended its journey is not a small area," Hishammuddin said. We have done the analysis and checking of the data available. Based on the template that we have and the pingers, there are also other areas we are discussing."

Hishammuddin said the other areas being discussed involved also using the same approach they had previously used.

"We are getting collaboration and international experts on board our team to search for the missing aircraft," he said.

Houston said efforts at the moment should be focused wholly on the search for MH370. "We owe it to the families and the flying public around the world to get to the bottom of what happened to MH370," he said.

Hisham is leaving for Canberra on Sunday in preparation for a multilateral meeting involving Malaysia, China and Australia next Monday.

The tripartite meeting will be to discuss the next phase of the search for MH370, which involves the correct deployment of assets and costs.

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