Rosmah speaks!

Posted: 14 Apr 2014 10:12 PM PDT

Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor yesterday lashed out at criticis of Putrajaya's handling of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crisis, describing them as cowards for not providing solutions.

Wow! I like that.

The Prime Minister's wife, who also came under heavy critics and unscrupulous remarks from certain quarters who accused her of 'interfering in the administration', actually has a class of her own, and in fact far much better than her critics herself.
"Don't throw stones and then hide your hands behind your back (make wild allegations). That's cowardice, don't just talk and not provide solutions," she told national news agency Bernama's Ruang Bicara programme last night.
Rosmah (pic, top left) said people should stop speculating over the missing jet out of respect for the affected families of the passengers and crew.
"Do not speculate as long as there is no verified information. I hope the whole world will give thought to feelings of the families of the 239 people who were on board the aircraft," she said.
Flight MH370, with 239 people aboard, has been missing for 39 days after leaving the Kuala Lumpur International Airport shortly after midnight on March 8. A massive multinational search operation has yet to yield any result.
The saga also saw Malaysian authorities coming under heavy criticism from families of passengers, Chinese officials, and leaders from Pakatan Rakyat, with many alleging that the government was withholding information about the investigations.
Rosmah said as a woman and mother, she felt for the families involved and recalled how some had begged her for answers during a meeting with them.
"I felt helpless...I wanted to help but could not. All I could do was to try to comfort them," she told Bernama.
Rosmah said immediately after hearing about the news of the plane, she started "fervently praying".
"I was shocked, my knees were shaking, my whole body felt weak, I started fervently praying the plane would be quickly found," she said.
Rosmah also spoke about telephone conversations between her husband, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and several world leaders, following the MH370 incident.
"Even before he could finish what he wanted to say, many of the leaders straight away informed him of their willingness to help and asked what they could do," she said.
Compared to the opposition and some of BN leaders, she can make a good politician, far better than Anwar, Kit Siang, Karpal and Hadi Awang!


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