S'pore hits out at Malaysian critics

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 11:50 AM PDT

It was a soothing statement by Singapore's Foreign Minister K. Shanmugam who credited Malaysia for the all-out effort to locate the missing Flight MH370.

Lambasting at the critics that Malaysia was 'slow and inefficient' in handling the crisis, he said such accusations were really unfair, and that it was being carried out in the full spirit of Asean.

Hmmm... it takes the foreigners to know us better, recognise and appreciate what the government was doing. Some local folks, especially the opposition, are just a basket of rotten cabbage!

Read the story:
SINGAPORE: Some of the criticism being levelled at Malaysia for its handling of a missing jetliner has been unfair, said Singapore's Foreign Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam on Friday.

Calling the mystery of Flight MH370 a "most unusual, bizarre situation", he said there have been many theories over what could have happened.

"I don't think enough account has been taken of the fact that there was very little to go on, very little that the Malaysians or anyone knew of the matter," he said during a lunch with Singapore's Foreign Correspondents Association at the Shangri-La Hotel.

The Malaysian government has come under fire, both from overseas and from its own citizens, since the Beijing-bound airplane went missing after taking off from Kuala Lumpur on March 8.

Some criticised the country's leaders for releasing information too slowly, while others said Prime Minister Najib Razak jumped the gun when he said on Monday that the plane was lost at sea in the Indian Ocean, but without providing further proof.

China has also urged for more transparency in the investigation.

Mr Shanmugam was also asked about the apparent lack of cooperation between Asean members during search efforts for the jet, and whether this was linked to competing territorial claims of islands in the South China Sea.

He disagreed with the point, adding there was "no lack of will" in wanting to co-operate. "I don't believe any of the Asean countries were tardy in their response in any way," he said.

But their response also had to be seen in the context of the resources these countries have.

Singapore dispatched a free-swimming submersible which can search up to 500m underwater, but how many other Asean countries had such equipment, he asked. Most of these countries are at a stage of development where their budgets go to healthcare and education, he said.

"The amount of money you would set aside for training a large corps of disaster relief personnel in the overall scheme of things is there, but not in the level of Japan and China or the US," he added.

FOOTNOTE: Thank you Mr Shanmugam!

Stop being a fool!

Posted: 28 Mar 2014 05:56 AM PDT

When Defense Minister and acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein excluded the opposition MPs from a briefing on MH370 last week, Pakatan Rakyat made a hell of a noise, complaining and demanding for an answer.

It was not a deliberate move to sideline them but just a matter of dousing off the heat which Pakatan Rakyat had started - claiming supremacy that they would have handled the investigation better than anyone else, and how the 'red bean army' incited the Chinese families of the victims in Malaysia and China to vent their anger and hate against us.

Had they joined the briefing, it would have added to the already thick confusion.

However, this incident can explain why they were not invited to the special briefing:
KUALA LUMPUR: DAP's Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng committed a major gaffe today by talking about handing over the task of handling the missing MH370 crisis to Pakatan Rakyat and then withdrawing that remark hours later.
Earlier in the day he told the media that if Pakatan leaders were made the head of the air force or navy, they will handle the MH370 crisis better.
"The DAP or PKR leaders will find the plane if they were made to head the air force or navy," he had said.
However several hours after making that remark, Lim issued a statement to retract it.
"Please accept my expression of deep regret for having made that comment," he said without giving any explanation.
He was earlier commenting on former MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek's challenge to Pakatan Rakyat yesterday to launch its own search for the plane.
Yesterday, Chua criticised Pakatan for "dirty and disgusting politics" for attempting to score political mileage on the government's search for MH370.
"If Pakatan believes that it can deal with the situation better, then they should launch their own search for the plane which could not be found by 26 countries despite having the most advanced technology," said Chua.
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim had previously questioned the failure of RMAF radar to detect the turn back of MH370 and mocked the government for its conflicting statements on the issue.
Earlier this week Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak ticks off Pakatan for politicising MH370, saying that "it is the time to show our solidarity with the relatives of the passengers on flight MH370".
Pakatan Rakyat leaders always boast that Anwar would make a better prime minister, Lim Kit Siang as the best Home Minister... yada... yada.. yada... but fall short of proving their sincerity in solving any burning issues.

Some even made fun of the MH370 by poking stupid and uncalled jokes about it..

Even Kit Siang, in demanding the setting up of a special commission to investigate the incident, failed to understand the needed procedures to do so. What's paramount to him is to make Pakatan Rakyat as being the champion in finding solution to MH370.

Why can't you people stay put for a while and let the countries involved in the search and rescue (SAR) to carry out their job? I think they are more sincere in providing assistance to us!


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