One to one, two out!

Posted: 10 Mar 2014 10:49 PM PDT

Its going to be a one-to-one between Wan Azizah Wan Ismail of Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional's Chew Mei Fun, both are women and heavyweights for their respective party, PKR and MCA.

Former Cabinet minister Zaid Ibrahim had yesterday withdrew from contesting after the Court of Appeal slapped Anwar Ibrahim - who was supposed to stand for the by-election - with a 5-year imprisonment for his sodomy case.

While the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370 grips the whole nation, the by-election seems to be insipid since most attention goes to the missing plane.

While the search continues, Malaysians are also drawn to a KL High Court's decision which fineds DAP chairman and lawyer Karpal Singh RM4,000 over his seditious remarks about the Sultan of Perak in 2009.

Judge Datuk Paduka Azman Abdullah handed down the sentence after taking into account mitigation plea from Karpal's counsel Gobind Singh Deo and arguments for deterrent sentence by deputy public prosecutor Noorin Badaruddin.

Under the Federal Constitution, an MP is disqualified if he is fined more than RM2,000 or sentenced to jail of more than a year.

This could spell the end of Anwar and Karpal's politics!

Karpal was also represented by counsel Sangeet Kaur Deo and Ram Karpal Singh.

On March 17, 2009, Karpal, who is Bukit Gelugor Member of Parliament (MP), was charged at the Sessions Court with one count of uttering seditious words in relation to the Sultan of Perak.

Also today, most of Pakatan Rakyat MPs were absent from the Dewan Rakyat sitting as a protest over what they claimed as 'bias court's decision on Anwar' last week.

Personally, I think its better to rule Malaysia without a destructive opposition!


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