rocky's bru

rocky's bru

Mother of all editorial apologies

Posted: 21 Nov 2013 04:06 AM PST

The page 3 obituary
In other words, we are being told that all the claims made against these organisations about them getting foreign funding - which had been said in Parliament by our MPs and Cabinet Ministers, uttered in public rallies before the last General Election and on tv and radio by BN leaders, and written in the columns of the various pro-Government newspapers and publications - were lies and fabrication. 
In all my years in journalism, I have not come across anything like this half-page apology. The newspaper may have saved its own ass and avoid a lawsuit (I assume Bersih, Suaram, CIJ and Merdeka Centre had threatened to sue unless the newspaper apologizes), but the real damage goes way beyond the paper-thin credibility of the newspaper alone. 

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