Will PKR support 'hudud'?

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 01:53 AM PST

Will PKR support PAS' plan to introduce 'hudud' in Kelantan? Since there is no DAP representative at the State Assembly, PAS must get PKR's consent.

However, DAP will for sure go against. With or without a single rep at the Assembly, Karpal Singh and Lim Kit Siang will protest any new bill on hudud, taking into consideration the Kelantanese had voted for Pakatan Rakyat in the last 13th general election.

However, Umno Kelantan's strongman Annuar Musa threw a challenge at PAS today. If the 'Islamic'party is able to get a nod from its PR ally PKR. Umno will fully support its implementation in the state.
KUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional will agree to hudud laws being implemented in Kelantan if PAS and PKR fully agree to it, said Tan Sri Annuar Musa (BN - Ketereh).
Annuar, who is Ketereh Umno chief, said PKR must first prove that they are together with PAS on implementing hudud.
"It would be odd if PAS needs to ask Barisan, their political rival, to support hudud while their ally (PKR) does not agree to it," he said in the Parliament lobby.
Annuar said the PAS-ruled Kelantan state government needs to ensure that all parties including PKR, the state assembly and the implementing agency in the state, agree to carrying out hudud law.
Currently, Kelantan has no DAP elected representatives.
"If the implementation of hudud in Kelantan requires it to be brought to Parliament, then the same principle applies whereby all must agree to it.
"PKR must be ready to support the implementation when the matter is brought to Parliament.
"Only then will Barisan consider the move, based on the readiness of the party who is proposing to carry out the hudud law," he said.
PKR has been 'neutral' in the spate of DAP-PAS 'warfare' of hudud, with DAP strongly opposed it. Even PKR politicians, including top gun Anwar Ibrahim did not come up with any comment thus far although some PKR members had pressured him to make a stand.

Some experts had also voiced out concern over the matter, and that it wont easy to implement hudud like Brunei.
PETALING JAYA: It is almost impossible to follow in Brunei's footsteps and introduce hudud laws in Malaysia, even as crime rates spike in the country, anti-crime groups say.
In recent times, many Malaysians, both Muslim and non-Muslim, have called for hudud laws to be implemented as they think it would be a deterrent to criminals.
"People will welcome it if they think it can bring down the crime rate and make them feel safe," said MyWatch adviser S. Gobikrishnan.
Umno ulama and Pertubuhan Ilmuan Malaysia CEO Dr Fathul Bari said that Muslims and non-Muslims should be educated first on hudud before it could be implemented in the country.
He believed there was a misconception that it was all about the cutting of hands and leaving people limbless.
"Hudud is not about punishment but prevention," he said, adding that hudud was only one part and a base of the Syariah laws.
He acknowledged that it would be tough to implement it in Malaysia because of the religious make-up of the country.
Even chairman of PAS' Supporters Club Hu Pang Chow said he still wont' believe in the effectiveness of any criminal law, including hudud, that has been PAS' main agenda.

"I don't think there is punishment or penalty that can stop all the crime. The most important thing to tackle the matter is to know why people turn into criminals in the first place," he said.

He said the present civil law and the proposed Syariah criminal law are heading towards punishment without finding out the reason behind the crimes being committed.
"To me, the important thing is to educate, to explain and to prevent. But the existing system has one purpose, that is to punish you. That's all there is to it," he said.
On the upcoming party election scheduled on Nov 22, Hu said the non-Muslims would turn away from the party if it is controlled by the conservative ulama group.
"From the non-Muslim point of view, we would love to see the combination of ulama and professionals in the new line-up.
"If the president is already ulama, then the non-Muslim community would like to see a non-ulama become the second man," he said, adding that this combination would create a check and balance in the party.
It looks like PAS will face a stiff situation. Not only PKR and DAP are against it, PAS needs plenty of time to regulate it as any wrong calculation would spell disaster to the party.


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