Rights that are not right!

Posted: 14 Nov 2013 07:00 PM PST

According to Bar Council member Andrew Khoo, Muslim-majority countries were among those which have asked Malaysia to obey international human rights standards in the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review (UPR) last month.

What are the countries? Algeria, Chad and Tunisia?

I wonder if Khoo himself had been to these countries or to other parts of the world to observe the standard of human rights they practice.

You make me laugh, and sick too. Those who made the call, including some Western countries like the US, UK and Canada are the big mouth of human rights but they themselves couldn't care less about honoring it.

And your agenda, bro Khoo, is actually clear. Its about Islam and the non-Muslims in Malaysia. The allegation about Malaysian non-Muslims are under oppression and do not have the total rights to practice their religion, is the motive behind all these craps!

Bar Council? You and buddy MP Surendran are the same. Just because DBKL demolished a Hindu kuil the other day, both of you drew a conclusion that the government did not observe the rights of non-Muslim to practice their religion, as stipulated under the Federal Constitution.

Have you and your Council ever conducted a survey to find out what is the proportion of mosques, kuil and tokong (temple) to the Malaysian Muslims, Hindu and Buddha? Or you already know the fact but simply did not want to admit it, knowing it will backfire!
Selangor mempunyai penduduk berjumlah 4.8 juta. Daripada jumlah itu orang Melayu mewakili 2.5 juta dengan kapasiti 259 masjid dan 939 surau. orang Cina Buddha berjumlah 1.3 juta mempunyai 1,015 tokong, orang India berjumlah 647,000 dengan 810 kuil berdaftar (bilangan ini belum dicampurkan dengan tokong dan kuil yang tidak berdaftar). Manakala, bilangan gereja Kristian?  jumlah 50,000 penganut Kristian (kajian 2009).
However, let me tell you that the number of Hindu kuils and temples for the minority Malaysians are three times bigger than that of the mosques and surau while the number of Chinese tokongs too are 'simply too many'.

And do you know how many churches are there in KL as compared to the mosques?

So, what's the fuss about our government suppressing the minority from practicing their religion? Please apply some of your legal brain to weigh all those fact before opening up your mouth and bringing in Chad, Algeria dna Tunisia into the picture.

I have been there, and I have been to most of the countries where human rights record is in question. Even the US was slammed by the United Nations for its bad human rights record, especially in using drones to kill thousands of civilians in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Yemen.

But of course the US human rights record is perfect to you although the whole world knows how Guantanamo is the axis of evil.

You know damn well how non-Muslims in Malaysia are well-protected under the Constitution but you still find it not enough. Tell me, does the Bar Council harbor any plan to amend the Constitution by dropping the word 'Islam' as the official religion?

Had the Muslims ever complained about the large number of Hindu kuils in the country, and in light of the 'Allah' issue, whose rights are being questioned actually - the Muslims of the non-Muslims?

Hey! This is my country, and yours too but every sector of the community must follow the basic rule of harmony. You can't simply annexe government's land to build your house of worship, and without getting permission from the respective authorities.

The mosques and suraus are built on gazetted area and any plan to erect a new one will be publicly-known. Should there be objection, meetings among reps of other religions and community will he called to iron it out.

What about kuils and temples? I refuse comment but people like Khoo and Surendran should have the answer.

I hate to talk race and religion but sometimes we really need to understand Malaysia, what Malaysians are and what should be done to bring us much closer.

But some so-called genius and politicians and others who also wish to jump onto the bandwagon are spoiling everything. I am not sure if the Bar Council is a political body but most of its decision of late are opening up the gates to hell!

And now MIC Youth has decided to stage a protest. To my friend T Mohan, its chief, think wisely:

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC Youth today vowed to stage a protest in front of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's office if Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) does not rebuild the hundred-year old Sri Muneswarar Kaliyamman temple.
The party Youth wing chief T Mohan is also urging Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Manshor to resign for not respecting other religions.
"There was a cabinet decision not to demolish the temple. But, I was shocked when Tengku Adnan sent nearly 300 police force and DBKL to demolish the temple," Mohan told reporters after visiting the temple here at Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur.
He also alleged that Tengku Adnan has some personal interest on the 30-storey office building which is being constructed beside the temple.
Where are we heading to, actually if no compromise is reached? I think the Chinese and Indians already have almost everything they want - something not eligible in other countries. The Malays too should bear in mind that the country is for them to share with others.

However, all parties must avoid fanaticism and extremism in making demands. Some demands are to be fulfilled while others must be rejected!


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