rocky's bru

rocky's bru

Discriminating Malaysia

Posted: 21 Oct 2012 11:56 PM PDT

And we thought Canada was different! Here's something our vociferous advocates for everything free and fair could take up for the future of our country.

Or do they speak up only if it's against their own Government?

Full story h e r e

The Slate has a commentary, A Protectionist Country blocks two more deals
"This protectionist instinct has crept with French-like stealth into sectors hardly in the realm of national economic security, like the home improvement business ... Canada, it appears, is no longer quite so open for business."
Talk about things French, what has Suaram has been a little quiet since the French government prosecutor told Malaysia's official news agency Bernama that there was no Scorpene trial as reported by the Opposition-backed media in Malaysia.

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