Lawyers in crime

Posted: 09 May 2014 09:03 PM PDT

Bingo! Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday lashed out at some politicians with legal background who champion the rights of criminals without even considering the plight and grief of the policemen and their families.

Over the years, we never heard of any words of condolence and sympathy issued by any of them to policemen and members of the security forces who died or injured in the line of duty, many of whom killed by the criminals.

The opposition leaders never visited them or their families, let alone offered a word of comfort. To them, the policemen are no better than 'watch dogs' and deserve no humanitarian rights.
SELAMA: Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has criticised politicians with legal background who champion the human rights of criminals without any regard to the human rights of police personnel and their families.
He said these politicians had been vociferously pushing for the rights of criminals in the Dewan Rakyat and other political platforms.
"We want to know where are the rights of the police force. What are the rights of families of police personnel who are killed when fighting crime? Police are also citizens of the country and deserve to be protected," he said when speaking at the opening of the Selama police headquarters by Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah here yesterday.
He said stringent laws had been helpful in fighting crime but not enough to deter criminals and did not open the eyes and minds of the community towards police effort in combating crime.
In this regard, he said the Go­­vernment had always placed high hopes on the police to give better service where customer satisfaction had become the benchmark of efficiency and integrity of the force.
"Police are indirectly facing a negative perception by the community. As such, efforts must continue to clear the image of police in the eyes of the people," he said.
He also said that efforts to fight the crisis of confidence would only be successful if there was a shift in the performance of police to win the hearts and support of the community. - Bernama
These 'lawyer politicians' are themselves 'criminals for encouraging major crimes' by promising them the rights for a fair treatment and trial. In some cases, their professionalism helped set free many murderers, drug dwellers and armed robbers.

But it is easy to comprehend why they prefer such big cases - because the tote is high. I have some lawyer friends who said for each life the saved, they were paid more than the legal fee imposed.

Now we understand why!

And the same lawyers are criticising the government for taking action against those suspected of waging a war on the country and the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

When the police nabbed a group of suspected terrorist recently, they called in 'inhumane' and pressured for their immediate release. They even accused the government of fabricating evidence for the sake of rounding up the group.

As the saying goes, lawyers will be the first to go to hell!

Sarawak wants out of Malaysia, says DAP

Posted: 09 May 2014 03:59 AM PDT

Sarawak  should seek separation from Malaysia, says DAP. In a referendum it self-proclaimed as 'perfect', it also incited Sarawakians to hate the Federal Government for 'robbing all the rich resources' of the state.

The opposition-Chinese party is fond of coming up with this and that so-called popular referendum - about PM Najib popularity, BN's performance, race and religion and all sorts of issues it deemed best to manipulate.

However, its latest nonsense failed to indicate how many respondents took part in the 'referendum'. However, it is believed the figure was a few hundred, all of whom are DAP supporters!
If a referendum to decide whether Sarawak should remain in Malaysia is held today, 75% of Sarawakians would opt for separation, Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen told the state legislative assembly today.
The DAP state chairman said the rape and channelling of most of Sarawak's hydrocarbon resources, especially oil and gas, and the resultant lopsided development in the state when compared to the peninsula are fuelling the current resentment Sarawakians have against Putrajaya.
He also warned Putrajaya against taking this resentment lightly.
"Do not underestimate this sentiment of being unfairly treated," Chong (pic) said when speaking on the motion to raise the oil and gas royalties from the current 5% to at least 20%, which the assembly later unanimously adopted.
To further illustrate the level of resentment, Chong quoted the statement made by the spokesman for the Sarawak Sovereignty Movement, Datuk Morshidi Abdul Rahman, last year when he said: "the people have had enough of the lopsided development between the peninsula and Sarawak, and something is needs to be done".
Well, why don't they conduct a similar referendum in Kelantan?

Since the 'hudud' issue is now 'talk of the town' of late, DAP must give it a try and see whether the Chinese would prefer Kelantan leaves Malaysia, either to become an Independence state or join Thailand!

Drool And Propaganda - DAP!


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