Human rights, again and again!

Posted: 29 May 2014 09:47 PM PDT

Some say the propagators of human rights and democracy are usually the ones against it. Just take a look at the US, for instance - the champion whose human rights watchdogs only find fault in others but fail to address theirs!

They don't really walk the talk. Instead, the keep reminding others to adhere to the right human rights prescription which they themselves formulated but seldom practice.

And this Human Rights Watch's Asia division deputy director Phil Robertson (pic) should go back to the US and study many reported cases of human rights abuse in the country.

The US diplomats in Malaysia should stay along the line of their diplomatic duty rather than pecking at our domestic human rights status which is far better than the US and many other developed countries.
A global rights advocate called on United States diplomats in Malaysia not to stay silent on human rights abuses in the country following the tone set by President Barack Obama on his recent visit here.
Deputy director of Human Rights Watch's Asia division Phil Robertson (pic) called on the US ambassador and his team to pressure Malaysia to adhere to international human rights standards.
He said that US diplomats here had an important role to play in pushing the Malaysian government to do better on rights issues.
"Obama's visit was generally positive in raising human rights issues, there was discussion at an open forum where he made some important remarks.
"Now, it is up to diplomats here to follow up and to be there when Perkasa attacks the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) group and also speak up when Malaysiakini is threatened with a scandalous defamation suit by the Malaysian prime minister.
"These are issues that the ambassador and his team should be taking up on a regular basis," Robertson said.
There are numerous human rights violation in the US - some took place under the nose of the authority - but nothing was done to address it.

Why? Because they are too busy showing their nose at other people's door. Read this and this...and there many more.

For the US diplomats to complaint about human rights abuse in Malaysia, they should put their house to order first.
The enormous US prison population, the world's largest, partly reflects harsh sentencing practices contrary to international law, such as disproportionately long prison terms and mandatory sentencing without parole. Those behind bars include a growing number of elderly people, whom prisons are ill-equipped to handle, and youth under age 18 held in adult prisons. Unauthorized immigrants and their families in the United States are vulnerable to abuses stemming from an outdated, ineffective immigration system that deprives them of basic rights, and increasing numbers are held in detention facilities. A number of abusive counterterrorism policies have continued under President Barack Obama, including detentions without charge at Guantanamo Bay.
That's the general case study about human rights violation in the US. What are they doing about it? 

In the United States, violations of human rights are something many consider to be an issue that is only faced by people in foreign countries - not by the American themselves.

Since 9/11, especially, there have been harmful breakdowns in the protection of basic civil rights and civil liberties. Early on, the United States was an important leader in the creation of the international system for protecting and promoting human rights.

However, often times, the US policies and actions have not always been consistent with these standards. While the US has ratified some of the international human rights treaties, there are still many that are still not ratified.

And, for many of the treaties that the US has not ratified, it remains in the minority. In addition, the United States often fails to comply with the obligations of the treaties that others have ratified.

So, why speak about others?

Mkini and Steven Gan's 'guns'

Posted: 29 May 2014 06:31 AM PDT

A liberal and independent news portal. It's Malaysiakini, which claims to supporting freedom of expression and speech.

They like to whack others, especially Barisan Nasional government, PM Najib and anything that the ruling party has it's tag on it, and yet they denied of forming a cahoot with the opposition to bring down a legitimate government.

However, they themselves don't like being criticised, and neither do they allow it's own readers to post harsh comments about the opposition. While they allow defamatory and inflammatory comments about PM and his government, Mkini cannot just take similar bashing against Pakatan Rakyat.

This is an e-mail I received from a 'dejected and frustrated' Mkini reader:

I got banned by Steven Gan from commenting in Malaysiakini forums for attacking DAP and their leaders but he allowed Pakatan supporters to post comments that called UMNO Celaka.

Forwarded below is Steven's email to me.


On Monday, 26 May 2014 7:59 PM, Steven Gan wrote (replied):


I'm referring to the following comment and a number of others. You can't complaint of others attacking you when you using such inflammatory language. infolib (Blackmoon)
Time: 25/May/14 7:26p


The reader was trying to post a comment: "Ramkarpal, if your father is not Karpal Singh, do you think that DAP BANGSAT will pick you to contest the seat? No way man! Go and thank your lucky star... I mean go and kiss that Braggart Tokong".

Wow! So much of an independent, fair and liberal news portal!

I thought they believe in freedom of speech and expression!

NOTE: There are people who like dipping themselves in other people's pool but nobody is allowed to get closer to theirs!

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