Falling into Malaysiakini's trap!

Posted: 28 Feb 2014 08:36 PM PST

Pro-opposition news portal Malaysiakini deserves a lot of credits for emerging 'the victor' in a game-trap well set and played with Malaysian Social Media Chambers, the organiser of the award-presenting ceremony in KL on Wednesday.

It managed to fool Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek (who sent his Information DG Ibrahim) and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions (MCMC) into believing that the event was of a world-class standard.

Nobody had ever heard of Malaysian Social Media Chambers; neither does any pro-government or anti-government social media players manage to identify the bloggers who received the awards. However, its their busines.

Zahid was not informed that Mkini - the portal he despises most - was high on the award recipient's list. When he was asked to make a short speech and give away the prizes, only then that he realised it was a 'well-planned trap' by Mkini and the organiser.

But for professional reasons, he obliged. And a day later, he was whacked by pro-Umno bloggers and other social media players as 'declaring a truce' with Mkini editor-in-chief Steven Gan. Worst still, his social media team failed to cushion and defend him!

Blogger Tun Faisal wrote a good, cynical piece about Mkini. After getting the award, the news portal intensified its attacks on the government, particularly PM Najib's wife Rosmah Mansor by badmouthing and slandering her.
Sedangkan Menteri sendiri pertikai kredibiliti Malaysiakini. Tindakan penganjur dilihat seperti sengaja mensabotaj Menteri Dalam Negeri dan membuka ruang untuk beliau dikritik oleh ramai pihak yang turut mempertikaikan kredibiliti Malaysiakini.
Tak pasal-pasal Menteri terbabit kerana penganjur tidak sensitif...kes naya.
Dan Malaysiakini, yang terima anugerah portal terbaik meneruskan manipulasi berita...nama pun terbaik kan?
Not blaming Zahid at all but the MCMC and its minister failed to distinguish the motive behind the event.

They were like puppets on the string; anybody can dodge and control them in the name of 'social media'. I feel sorry for Zahid for being made the victim, and pity Shabery, Ibrahim and MCMC boss Sharil for being made the fools.

Mkini will remain Mkini, don't they get it? The event was to smear the government's image, and of course it make BN ministers look stupid... indeed!

The portal, together with its buddy the Malaysian Social Media Chambers are from the same camp, don't you realise it? You have any idea who finance the event and sponsored the prizes?

Common guys! The road to ruin is always kept under good repairs!


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