A stupid Pinoy at the ICJ!

Posted: 22 Feb 2014 01:24 AM PST

ICJ (International Court of Justice) legal adviser for Southeast Asia Emerlynne Gil today stepped into our judiciary by lambasting a court decision yesterday which convicted politician and lawyer Karpal Singh guilty of sedition.

She said it was a clear message of how lawyers in Malaysia do not have the freedom of expression on legal issue, and that it was inconsistent with international law.

What international law? We don't bring international law to Malaysia, and neither do the US, Britain, Australia, Singapore, Israel and others advocate to ICJ's set of rules to their domestic judiciary unless it conforms to common interest, i.e shipping, boundaries, drug control, etc. 

(Mangyaring itigil ang pinag-uusapan ng bagay na walang kapararakan!)

Why didn't you, as a Pinoy, tell Manila to abide international rules and regulations instead of taking side in Malaysia's judiciary? Or are you comparing a multiracial Malaysia with the Philippines?
PETALING JAYA: The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) condemned the KL High Court's conviction of Karpal Singh on sedition charges, saying it was inconsistent with international law.
ICJ's spokesperson, Emerlynne Gil, in a statement today, said Karpal's conviction yesterday sent a message that lawyers in Malaysia are not free to express their opinion on legal issues.
"The decision shows the government's lack of respect for the principles of free expression and is inconsistent with international law," said Gil, ICJ's International Legal Advisor on Southeast Asia.
She said Karpal, who is also a member of parliament, has every right to express his opinion as a lawyer and as someone exercising his right to free expression.
She added that the United Nation's basic principles on the role of lawyers allows them to voice their opinions like any other ordinary citizen.
"He has every right to do that, as a lawyer and has also acted in fulfillment of a core function of the legal profession, which is to contribute to public discourse on matters of law," said Gil.
"Lawyers have the right to take part in public discussions on matters concerning the law, administration of justice and promotion and protection of human rights without fear of suffering professional restrictions or repercussions."
You had failed in your effort back home and you found 'solace' by joining the ICJ, hoping for some recognition! Why didn't you tell Manila to stop sending troops to Mindanao and violated their rights for an autonomous region a few years ago?

The answer - even Manila refused you!

You better go back to law school or study more about Malaysia before opening up your mouth!

And are you aware that the ICJ is full of rats?


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