LGE wants foreign troops in Sabah

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 09:25 AM PST

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has proposed for the engagement of the United Nations forces to help monitor Sabah waters.

Commenting on the spate of attacks, murders and kidnapping in the Borneo state, he urged the Federal Government to seek assistance from the UN to ensure Sabah's security remains intact.

Actually he was hitting hard at the Malaysian security forces for its 'inability to maintain peace and stability in the area', and knowing Lim, his cynical statement proofs his shallow knowledge of the situation in Sabah and the capability of Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom).

Why didn't he propose a name for that UN team? And why did he pick the UN when (maybe) his main intention is to seek the United States to send its aircraft carrier to East Malaysia? Of he could suggest NATO to interfere in our security matters.

What a bloody fool!
GEORGETOWN: Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng has urged the federal government to seek assistance from the United Nations (UN) to ensure Sabah's security following the recent murder and abduction of tourists at an island resort.
He questioned how the intrusion by Filipino terrorists could have occurred, pointing out that the incident happened less than a kilometre away from an Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom) base.
"This showed the intruders did not fear Malaysian security forces and that there were no safe areas from attacks," he said.
He criticised the government for not responding properly and for not giving the assurance that the terrorists will be punished and the victims rescued.
Lim said the government should get international bodies' help to provide security at national borders if it is unable to do so.
"I am certain the UN will reciprocate such requests for help since Malaysia has contributed much to UN Peacekeeping forces throughout the world," the Penang chief minister said in a statement today.
On Nov 19, gunmen raided the isolated Pom Pom island, near Semporna, before killing Taiwanese tourist Hsu Lim Min and abducted his wife Chang An Wei.
Lawmakers have since condemned the incident which has placed Esscom under the spotlight for its perceived failure in stopping the attack.
And why not the Israeli forces?

Is LGE able to stop murders, abductions, robberies and other crimes in Penang? Does he has a God-given apparatus to detect as to when, where and how those criminals will attack the state?

So, this is part of Pakatan Rakyat's plan, right? To let foreign forces invade Malaysia on the pretext of beefing up our security, and then let them do whatever they wish to ransack the whole country.

Pakatan had previously called foreigners to monitor our general elections, our judiciary, our police, our armed forces, human rights condition and the Cabinet. No wonder the US and Australia had been spying on us all this while!

The government is doing its best to step up surveillance in eastern Sabah and we are aware of the challenges. However, it will be done in stages and not as LGE's abrupt idea to invite UN or other foreign forces into the country.

What has LGE learn from the interference of foreign forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypy, Tunisia, South Korea, Japan and others? Simply answer - they will never leave!

You want that to happen here?

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