Malaysians who support terrorism

Posted: 08 Jun 2014 09:07 PM PDT

Malaysia has not drawn any flak for arresting foreign nationals involved in international terrorist activities in the country, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Instead, Malaysia has been praised for the decisive actions taken to protect the safety of its people and the world.

The police, especially the Special Branch, does not tolerate criminal activities committed by any triads or militant organisations that can be detrimental to Malaysia's security.
"I assure you the police and the Special Branch will strictly combat crime and local violence. They will curb infiltration by foreign militants who have made Malaysia their base," he told reporters during his visit to the Baling district police headquarters yesterday.
Ahmad Zahid said the ministry would always monitor such activities so that the notion that Malaysia was one of the countries harbouring violence and militant activities did not arise.
"We will continue to monitor. We do not want the international community to have the impression that Malaysia is one of the hotbeds for militant activities and violence.
"We have always been serious in this matter. From the old days, we have not wanted any terrorism activities or violence."
Meanwhile, he said the government had never supported any of its citizens in joining any movement overseas, including in West Asia, which were militant or jihad in nature.
"The government always moves rapidly to check such activities, including by cooperating with Interpol to ensure individual extremist activities are curbed.
"We cooperate with all parties abroad, whether national or international organisations, in this matter Interpol or Aseanapol, to enable us to obtain information."
Yes, the world is supporting and cooperating with us. However, critics from within our own society are abundant.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders, Suaram, Bersih, the Bar Council, Suhakam, NGOs and 'human rights' organisations are condemning the government for hauling up those suspected militants for interrogation.

On human rights ticket, they are against preventive action but would prefer things happen first before actions are taken. To them, let dozens of people die in a bomb blast first before the police take action on the suspects.

Zahid was right when he pointed out that the opposition, especially the Bar Council are worse than the criminals for protecting murderers, rapists, armed robbers and drug dwellers rather than protecting the rights of the people and the police personnel.

I think if Pakatan Rakyat is allowed to run Putrajaya, it would be a free for all for major criminals to dwell, and the police power will be reduced while some prisons would be shut down because prisoners too deserve the rights to freedom!

Perhaps the opponents should read this:
Gunmen disguised as police guards attacked a terminal at Pakistan's busiest airport Sunday night with machine guns and a rocket launcher, killing at least 13 people as explosions echoed into the night, officials said. A separate suicide bombing in the country's southwest killed 23 Shiite pilgrims returning from Iran, authorities said (pic above).
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack on the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, named after the founder of Pakistan, nor the suicide bombing in Baluchistan province. However, the attacks come as government-led peace talks with the local Taliban faction and other militants have floundered in recent weeks.
The airport attack raged for roughly five hours Monday morning in Karachi, a sprawling port city on Pakistan's southern coast, although officials said all the passengers had been evacuated. Heavy gunfire and multiple explosions could be heard coming from the terminal, used for VIP flights and cargo. A major fire rose from the airport, illuminating the night sky in an orange glow as the silhouettes of jets could be seen.
Shall we wait for things to happen before actions are taken?


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