PKR, DAP the biggest election cheat!

Posted: 04 May 2014 10:56 PM PDT

Last night, about 500 Pakatan Rakyat supporters staged a peaceful protest at Dataran Merdeka in remembrance of last year's general election which saw the opposition failed to wrest Putrajaya.

Opposition leaders including DAP national adviser Lim Kit Siang and national organising secretary Anthony Loke, as well as their 'fallen heroes' such as Bentong candidate Wong Tack and Semenyih hopeful S. Arutchelvan were among the speakers at the event.

They accused BN of cheating votes... again and again. They will ride on it until the next general election - three or four years from now - without assessing and admitting their own dirty game.

DAP and PKR are the biggest cheat. Compared to Umno, MCA and any other BN components, DAP and PKR (and also PAS) did not only fail to conduct their own party election in a fairly manner but also cheated their members of so many issues.

Umno and MCA never had major problems in party poll but for PKR and DAP, vote rigging is a big game.

Lim Kit Siang had forgotten how the DAP poll last year was marred with 'cheats and lies' and it took the ROS to nullify it before a fresh election was held. Even that, there are still complaints that the second polling was also a cheat.

And what is happening to the ongoing PKR's election?
In Nibong Tebal (pic), there was high drama at the PKR voting  centre  last night following the discovery of ballot papers  outnumbering voter turnout.
 The discovery, with 838 ballot papers compared with 672  voters, prompted incumbent division chairman Makhtar  Shapee and challenger S. Sanjeeviramah to call for a re- election, while fellow challenger Datuk Dr Mansor Othman,  who is also Penang deputy chief minister and state PKR chief,  stood his ground for the ballot papers to be counted.
 There were many red faces and shouting as supporters of  the three contenders cried foul over the turn of events.
Such a bad precedent, and Anwar or Wan Azizah did say anything to console their members. So were Azmin Ali, Tian Chua or Khalid Ibrahim.
In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah PKR chief Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin  said while most divisions had completed meetings without  hiccups, a glaring setback took place in Tenom after electoral  officials did not  take enough ballot papers to the polling  centre.
  Lajim said more than 1,000 members were present to cast  their votes but only 300 ballot papers were given out.
  "One of the officials forgot to bring ballot papers for the  divisional elections.
Troubles also brewed at almost all PKR polling stations throughout the country. Discontentment over cheating by some candidates are driving members crazy to the extent that some polling had to be cancelled or postponed.
Looking at PKR and DAP polling trend, they are the actual experts in vote rigging and cheats. People like Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and others should be ashamed of themselves by allowing it as their 'usual party's tradition'.
In Lumut, candidate for division chief First Admiral (R)  Muhammad Imran Abd Hamid said  the secretariat failed to  provide the nomination books which listed the candidates'  names.
  "When voting began at 10am, members could not vote as  there were no nomination books," he said.
  Following complaints from members, the nomination  books were later distributed to members about noon.
   The voting process was further marred when ballot papers  for the national Youth post arrived only at 12.15pm.
  This led members to voice their dissatisfaction with some  claiming sabotage was involved.
  In Bagan Serai, there was a slight confusion when the  candidate for the division Youth chief post, Yusri Yaacob,  pulled out of the race at the last minute.
  Yusri who resorted to pasting papers at the voting area to  announce his decision, said he had informed the party's  central selection committee of his intention last Friday.
   "But today, my name is still there as a candidate," he said,  adding that his decision could help to unite the party, which  he felt had split due to the election.
What does this imply?

Yes, they are good at cheating and dodging their own members, and it reflects how they had used the same tactic in the previous general elections!

So, who are the biggest cheat here? BN or PR? I guess Kit Siang needs a bigger mirror!

Obama jokes about Putin's 'bare chest'

Posted: 04 May 2014 09:34 AM PDT


Nothing appeared off the comedy agenda during President Barack Obama's humorous but pointed speech to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, including jokes about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Mr Obama also poked fun at himself and his troubled health care plan at the annual black-tie event. In the face of a continuing Cold-War-style standoff with Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine, Mr Putin featured in part of the US President's comic turn.

Mr Obama said: "Last year Pat Buchanan (conservative politician and columnist) said Putin is headed straight for the Nobel Peace Prize, he said this, now I know it sounds crazy but to be fair they give those to just about anybody these day.

"So it could happen. But it's not just Pat, Rudy Giuliani (former New York mayor) said Putin is what you call a leader, Mike Huckabee (Republican politician) and Sean Hannity (television host and conservative political commentator) keep talking about his bare chest, which is kind of weird.

"Look it up. They talk about it a lot."

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