DAP wants racial riot!

Posted: 23 May 2014 10:16 PM PDT

I don't understand why all fingers are pointing at Umno (Pemuda, especially). They have reasons to avow disgust and anger at DAP's assemblyman Rayer over his 'Umno celaka' remark.

Pemuda Umno was a bit overboard, yes, by staging a protest and storming the Penang State Assembly building.

Pemuda and Umno were asked to apologise. DAP demanded an apology but the person whose mouth incited the protest is now DAP's 'national hero'. Lim Kit Siang and son Lim Guan Eng support Rayer and his 'Umno celaka' remark, which injected some zest into the Seri Delima Adun who rejected calls to apologise or retract his words.

'Umno celaka' means the Malays are 'celaka' too. The party that paved the way for Independence is now doomed and damned by the opposition.

I believe the Malays in Umno have every reason to be angry. It was the dirtiest provocative ever made by a non-Malay, irrespective of ideologies, and Rayer really meant it - that the country would be better off without Umno and the Malays!

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak also condemned R.S.N Rayer for his 'Umno celaka' (Umno be damned) remarks. In a Facebook posting, Najib said it was unbecoming of Rayer to resort to things which incited disharmony.
"We may differ in our political opinions but being abusive is uncalled for," Najib said in his posting, adding that we were all Malaysians.
However, Najib also appealed to all Umno members not to overreact by taking the law into their own hands.
"Any reaction should be within the boundaries of the law and maintain the image of Umno," Najib said.
"Do not do anything irresponsible as we must strive to continue upholding the good name and reputation of our party," said the Umno president.
Since Rayer's "Umno celaka" remark in a Penang legislative assembly sitting on Tuesday, protests have erupted on the island.
A group of 60 people disrupted the state assembly for the first time in its history on Wednesday when they stormed into the building.
Police later arrested 12 people for the intrusion, although they were all released on police bail.
On Wednesday, some 50 Federal Territory (FT) Umno Youth members, armed with banners, protested in front of the DAP headquarters in Jalan Yew in Kuala Lumpur.
They later handed over a memorandum to party strategist and Serdang MP Dr Ong Kian Ming.
They threatened to burn the building and DAP leaders claimed the protesters had destroyed the party's signboard.
Yesterday, a group claiming to be Umno Youth members and representatives of Malay NGOs attacked the DAP office in Kuantan.
The incident occurred despite pleas from Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin to members to calm down.
In the incident, the protesters, who waved Pahang flags, carried placards and banners denouncing DAP.
Yes, how Rayer and DAP wished Umno and the Malays are doomed so that the non-Malays can take over the administration. I can't help but share Pemuda's sentiment.

Rayer was too much, 'terlalu kurang ajar, biadap, anti-Melayu dan perkauman', according to Pemuda Umno, to which I agree, and he is not fit to become a wakil rakyat because people like him can lead to disharmony, racial riot and civil war.

In other countries, politician like Rayer will not last another day. Someone probably will gun him down.

The Malays are tolerable and patient lot. However, I am afraid things might get out of control. If Rayer wants to see another bloody backlash like we had experienced, he better apologise.

The Malays are talking about him, everywhere. Those not with Umno too are angry. So, he better come to his senses to avoid anything ugly happens to the country...

Spirits in court

Posted: 23 May 2014 01:16 AM PDT

After 'Allah', now spirits appear in court.

A lawyer told the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya yesterday that transgenders are 'female spirits' trapped in a male body, hence they cannot be punished for cross-dressing.

What a farce! Next time we would be able to safe a pair of robbers by saying the spirits of Bonnie and Clyde are inside them! Worse, saving a murderer by telling the court that the spirit of Botak Chin or Bentong Kali is inside him!
Transgenders are female spirits trapped in a male body and they cannot be punished for cross-dressing as it is a fundamental part of their nature, the Court of Appeal here heard today.
Lawyer Aston Paiva submitted that transgenders, also known as "Mak Nyah", suffer from a chronic medical condition called gender identity disorder (GID), where their inner psychology is not congruent with their physical body.
He is representing three Muslim bridal make-up artists who are challenging a Negri Sembilan syariah criminal law which prosecutes Muslim transgenders who dress like women.
Aston said that persons with the disorder would cross-dress as they feel the essence of their identity to be that of a woman.
"Medical evidence show GID is not a question of choice. Nobody decides to have GID. It afflicts you," he said, adding that they could not be changed with pharmacological medicine or psychology therapy.
He said to penalise a transgender for an attribute they did not choose nor could change would mean to accept apartheid and racial genocide.
Aston said that Section 66 (of the syariah enactment involved) did not apply to persons who suffer from GID, adding that the section infringed Article 10 (1) (a), Article 5 (1) and Article 8 (2) of the Federal Constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression, the right to personal liberty and prohibition of discrimination.
Muhamad Juzaili Mohamad Khamis, 26, Syukor Jani, 28, and Wan Fairol Wan Ismail, 30, are appealing to the court against a High Court dismissal of their judicial review application to challenge the constitutionality of Section 66 of the Syariah Criminal (Negri Sembilan) Enactment 1992. – Bernama
And the next time, call the KLIA shaman to court to 'scan' if there are bad spirits haunting our courts nationwide!

What laaaa!!!


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