Badmouthing our SAR

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 09:13 PM PDT

While the world lauds our effort in attending to MH370 crisis, the opposition keeps scorning and mocking at it, claiming they would have managed it much better had they were given the task to lead the search and rescue (SAR) operations.

Reading between the lines, they were actually insinuating that if Pakatan Rakyat was the force in Putrajaya, things would have been easier - and probably the plane wouldn't have gone missing!

In Honolulu, Asean defense ministers were full of praise for Malaysia. Even the US, Australia, Britain, Japan and the rest of the 26 countries that formed the SAR team were satisfied with Malaysia's way of handling it.
HONOLULU: Asean defence ministers said Malaysia has done its level best in responding to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and subsequent efforts to locate the missing plane.
"We believe that Malaysia has done its level best in its response to this unprecedented predicament given the sheer scale of the search and rescue (SAR) operation, the biggest and most complex we've ever seen," they said.
The ministers stressed that Asean's unity remained solid and the 10-member group of Southeast Asian nations was totally committed to assisting Malaysia in coordinating the massive SAR operation to find MH370.
"We are resolute in finding closure on this tragic chapter in aviation history," they said in a joint statement on MH370 issued here, where they are gathered for the first United States-Asean Defence Ministers Forum convened by US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel.
Malaysia was represented at the Hawaii gathering by Defence Minister and Acting Transport Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.
The Asean defence ministers acknowledged the participation of Asean member states in the search operations, directly or indirectly, since the Boeing 777-ER200 aircraft with 239 people on board went missing on March 8.
It reflects the level of confident these countries have in Malaysia. China, whose nationals made up most of the 239 passengers and crew aboard MH370 had also expressed full support for us although there were strong discontentment from families of the victims.

And back home, Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat's aides like Lim Kit Siang and others were questioning the SAR and casting doubt over Putrajaya's 'hidden agenda by not telling the truth' about the operation's result.

Accusing PM Najib, Defense Minister Hishammuddin and others of 'hiding the fact', Anwar exposed his own state of stufor. 
LONDON: Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pix) on Friday accused the government of hiding information on missing flight MH370, telling Britain's Daily Telegraph that the country's radar system would have detected any change of course.
Anwar, who recently had his acquittal on sodomy charges overturned in what he claims is a political smear, said he was "baffled" why the sophisticated Marconi radar system that he authorised as finance minister in 1994 had failed to immediately detect the plane's deviation.
The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing in the early hours of March 8 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 people on board.
He described it as "not only unacceptable but not possible, not feasible" that it could travel across "at least four" Malaysian provinces undetected, adding: "I believe the government knows more than us".
"We don't have the sophistication of the United States or Britain but still we have the capacity to protect our borders," he stressed.
Why didn't he ask the US or Britain about the radar issue instead of badmouthing his own country?

Karpal's NO to hudud in Kelantan

Posted: 03 Apr 2014 08:19 AM PDT

DAP Karpal Singh is against 'hudud law' and will go against it as long as he lives. There is no two-way about it.

Since majority of DAP members are Chinese and non-Muslims, the party will forever remain as an enemy to PAS' dream to implement the Islamic Law in Kelantan, the only state it rules. And this will create a rift among the two parties that form Pakatan Rakyat with PKR.

What about MCA? The BN component too can sit down with DAP in the 'war against hudud'.
PETALING JAYA: DAP's Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh today criticised Kelantan's desire to move a bill in parliament to implement hudud in the state, saying the Islamic law was not suitable for the present time and age.
"The passing of the Kelantan Syariah Criminal Court Enactment II in the (Kelantan) state assembly in 1993 is, in the first place, unconstitutional," the veteran DAP leader said in a statement.
"The state assembly has no jurisdiction to pass the enactment and Parliament cannot enforce an unconstitutional enactment passed by a state assembly," he added.
The veteran lawmaker was responding to Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yaakob's statement yesterday that the state will table a private member's bill on the matter in parliament later this year.
The state enactment provides for the implementation of hudud for crimes covering theft, fornication, adulter and alcohol consumption.
Although the enactment was passed in Kelantan by the PAS-led government in 1993, it has never been enforced. Karpal said that criminal laws can only be passed by parliament and not by a state assembly.
"It is parliament which has the jurisdiction to pass criminal laws. Hudud has very serious implications and consequences. Parliament will not, and cannot, pass laws of this category," he said.
He reiterated DAP's stand against the implementation of hudud in Malaysia.
"The DAP's position on hudud has been made clear time and again and that stand cannot be subjected to any compromise.
"It is fundamental to the party's existence. The passing of such a law will not be in the national interest," said Karpal.
So, PAS can forget the whole idea as it will face strong contest from within Pakatan Rakyat and BN too.

What will PAS do? Just steamroll DAP and go ahead with its plan?

Maybe it will work for Kelantan but not for the whole country. Even if Pakatan Rakyat wins the 14th general elections - three of four years from now - DAP and probably PKR too will not let PAS table it at the Dewan Rakyat.

Looks like the best option for PAS is to leave Pakatan...

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