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Now everyone can sorry

Posted: 09 Nov 2013 09:28 PM PST

Kamarudin Bidas GLC, Utusan Malaysia, 8/11/2013
Kamarudin Meranun and the man who "gave" him Air Asia 
The Din Meranun I know is a quintessential Malay gentleman. So I'm not surprised to read that he had written to my friends at Utusan Malaysia to apologize for the things said by a subordinate at Air Asia X sometime back. 
Zam, ex Utusan boss
I also believe that Din genuinely had not known about the lawsuit that Air Asia had filed against Zam for things the Tokoh Wartawan Negara had written on in the aftermath of what that subordinate had said.  
Now that Din is executive chairman of Air Asia in charge of ties with government aviation regulators and other airline authorites, we can expect the airline's PR to improve. The legal suit against Zam must be officially withdrawn. 
Perhaps then everyone can be friends. 
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Ambank killer nabbed, alive

Posted: 09 Nov 2013 08:33 PM PST

Read the Mole's story H E R E
Many people must wish the cops had shot this illegal ex-armed guard dead, but the PDRM is civilized after all. In fact, the Inspector-General of Police paid tribute to the "Rakyat" (people) who have been helping the police in their war against crime, for the arrest of this wanted criminal. Apanama, in AmBank killer nabbed in JB calls on the Home Ministry to review the hundreds of security licenses it had issued .. 
Meanwhile, let's wait if some quarters and half-past six will insist that the credit goes their MPs again, like they did h e r e. That was kelakar.

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